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Bricks, Pavers, Roof Tiles

WA Brickmatch stocks a large variety of quality recycled and second hand utility bricks. Our bricks are the original product. Not reproductions or copies. WA Brickmatch bricks are sourced from a variety of people including from demolitions sites. All of our products are from the original clay pits and fired in the original kilns. All bricks are carefully cleaned and graded by hand.

We stock a range of secondhand and new utility bricks, as per below:-
  • utility bricks wabrickmatch1Common Renders Bricks - cored & solid - Clay, Masonry & Calcium Silicate 230 x 110 x76mm
  • Stubby - 230 x 110 x 119mm
  • Modular Bricks - 290 x 90 x 90mm
  • Longreach Bricks - 305 x 90 x 76mm
  • Highreach Bricks - 305 x 90 x 119mm
  • Double Decker Bricks - 305 x 90 x 162mm
  • Special Performance - 290 x 150 90mm and 230 x 150 x 76mm
  • Kiln Bricks - 230 x 180 76mm or 230 x 115 x 76mm


Utility Bricks are priced per brick.

Visit us

Please bring in a sample of the brick you are trying to match and visit us in the yard, one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to help you 'colour match' your brick.

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Buy a brick, roof tile or paver

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Sell a brick, roof tile or paver

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Other Enquiry