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Face Bricks

Here at WA Brickmatch we stock a wide variety of face bricks in solids and cored, in many different sizes. Our bricks are hard to find and no longer in production.

recycled brick matching wabrickmatch waBrick Matching Service

If you need bricks to match the existing bricks in your home to fill in an air-conditioner hole, build a wall or renovate an older style home then 'Bring in a Sample' to our yard at 314 Kenwick Road, Maddington. One of our friendly sales team will help you match your sample.

WA Brickmatch offers a Brick Matching Service for those bricks that are hard to find. One of our friendly staff will help you colour match your sample brick to the stock we have available in the Yard. Alternately, you can email us photos to get an indication if we have anything similar to what you are looking for. We would then invite you to view them as photo’s will not give you an accurate colour match.


Clay bricks and pavers are made from naturally occurring minerals that are kiln fired to lock in their colour and strength. The composition of the raw materials as well as the firing process will cause variations in the colour, texture and profile from one batch to the next.

If we don't have what you're looking for at the time, we offer a long-term brick matching service where we hold your sample and check it against any new recycled and secondhand bricks arriving into our Yard.

If we find a 'match' to your sample we will telephone you and let you know that we have those bricks available for you. There is no obligation to buy, this is a free service that we offer to our customers.

Types of Face Bricks

WA Brickmatch stocks a large variety of quality recycled and second hand face bricks. Our bricks are the original product. Not reproductions or copies. WA Brickmatch bricks are sourced from a variety of people including from demolitions sites. All of our products are from the original clay pits and fired in the original kilns. All bricks are carefully cleaned and graded by hand.

We stock a large range of discontinued face bricks, in different sizes. See our list below:
  • Common Face Brick
cored and solid 230x110x76mm
  •  Modular Face Brick
  •  Double Decker Face Brick
  •  Longreach Face Brick
  •  Highreach Face Brick
  •  Quartz Rockface Brick
  •  Sill Brick
230x110x76mm sizes vary
  •  Sill Tile
Various sizes
  • Squint Brick 
230x110x76mm sizes vary
  •  Bullnose Brick
230x110x76mm sizes vary
  •  Fraction Snap Brick
230x110x76mm sizes vary
  •  Small Export Face Brick
  •  Georgian Face Brick
  •  Historic Red Pressed Brick
230x110x76mm sizes vary
  •  Historic Wire Cut Brick
230x110x76mm sizes vary
  •  Historic Red Federation Brick
230x110x76mm sizes vary
  •  Vent Brick
Various sizes
  •  Glass Brick / Block
Various sizes
  •  Besser and Masonry Blocks
Various sizes
  •  Breeze Blocks
Various sizes

Face bricks are priced per brick.

Please Note: Stocks of our face bricks change regularly due to demand and availability, so we may not have all the brands and names listed above at the time of your visit to our yard.


Manufactures of Face Bricks

Here is Western Australia, there have been many different brick manufacturers over the years which included hundreds of different names, colours, profiles, textures. Western Australia is the capital of double brick structures in Australia so over the last 200 plus years, every town with a clay pit or a river bank produced and fired bricks. All through our great state you will find the relics of different bricks that were produced in each region.

The following is a list of some of different brick manufactures who produced bricks here is WA
  • Austral Brick
  • Bakewell
  • Bessa
  • Brickworks
  • Brikmakers
  • Bristile Product
  • Cardup Brick
  • Clackline
  • Ellenbrook
  • Geraldton Brick
  • Katanning Brick
  • Maylands Brickworks
  • Metro Brick
  • Midland Brick
  • Monier Brick
  • State Brick
  • Whitmans Brick
  • Wunderlich


A bit of brick trivia – Frog bricks were made by hand in slop moulds. The indent called a “frog” comes from the dutch word ”kicker”. Traditional brick making consisted of a wooden box which a “kicker” in the middle was used to force the clay outwards to form the arris and the name stayed as reference to the indent in a Pressed B

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